Revised Pro Shop agreement at Mount Forest arena is questioned

When it comes to a Pro Shop agreement, Wellington North councillors want to see a recommendation come to council, and  not to have the committee recommend that councillors make a decision.

Minutes from the July 16 recreation and culture advisory committee seemed to be that the lease agreement forwarded to councillors to make a decision.

The GNT Sports lease agree­ment was reviewed at the committee level as councillor Bob Mason and Recreation Coordinator Linda Spahr met with Greg Troyer.

Troyer had agreed to pay $100 per month if the lease runs from three to five years. However he wants that cost to cover tax, hydro, internet use, and key access to the building, along with the code.

Committee members took issue with such a lease not including cost-of-living in­creas­es. Others recommended he not be permitted access to the complex key.

Others believed a one-year lease is sufficient while others wanted to know if there was a means to track hydro usage.

In the end, committee members suggested turning the matter over to council for a decision.

Mayor Mike Broomhead said he was at the meetings, and what the committee seems to be asking is not all that clear.

Councillor Bob Mason, chairman of the recreation committee, said the group wants council to decide.

Broomhead said it is up to the group to make recommendations.  “That’s why they were put into place,” he said.

Councillor Dan Yake agreed.

He cited councillors who do not sit on the committee and who were not involved in any discussion whatsoever.

“We didn’t hear GNT’s side of the discussion. To have it just sent to us to make that de­cision without council hearing the whole discussion … I don’t think it’s fair,” Yake said.

He agreed it is up to the committee to make a decision and forward that to council.

“If they decide one way or the other, it needs to be backed up.”

Broomhead explained that only a limited number of committee members took part in the discussion with Troyer.

Council chose not to make a decision and is instead waiting for the committee to send a recommendation.