Pollinator park could be template for future

KENILWORTH – Flower power might prove to be a template for the future of closed landfill sites in Wellington County.

On Nov. 4, Ward 3 Wellington County councillor Campbell Cork touted the achievements of the Arthur Pollinator Park.

“It really is terrifically significant when you consider three-quarters of all the food grown on the planet is the result of pollinator, bees, birds, moths, butterflies,” Cork said.

Given the threats today faced by pollinator species, Cork expressed appreciation to Jack Benham for heading the project up.

“He is one of Wellington North’s most dedicated community workers,” he said, adding Benham volunteered to create a pollinator park in the closed county landfill site in Arthur.

Wellington County likely has over a dozen closed landfill sites Cork said.

“Over the summer Jack has made the pitch to the county and the county was so enthusiastic,” Cork said adding that Benham made use of volunteer high school students to help plant shrubs and pollinator trees.

The intent is to also plant pollinator wildflowers and annuals which will germinate this spring, Cork said.

“It is being well received by the community,” he said.

Warden Kelly Linton was quite impressed during a recent site visit, Cork noted.

Cork opined this approach might serve as a template for other closed landfill sites in the county.

An added benefit, he said, is that up until now the Arthur site had grass which required mowing.

“Allowing pollinators to grow means the land does not require mowing – so thank you Jack,” Cork said.