POLICE BEAT: Man charged with careless driving after stunt near school

FERGUS – An Elora man has been charged with careless driving after pedestrians “fearing for their safety” were forced to jump out of the way of a speeding vehicle driving on the wrong side of the street near a school.

On March 25 at about 3:45pm, Wellington County OPP officers were in the area of Darroch Way and Millburn Boulevard in Fergus. 

“The streets and sidewalks were filled with pedestrian traffic, including students and parents, as school had recently let out,” states an OPP press release.

Police say an officer saw a grey SUV turn right onto Millburn  and then accelerate fast, driving into the oncoming lane.

“Pedestrians fearing for the safety were force to jump back from the roadway as the vehicle continued past the Centre Wellington District High School at a high rate of speed,” police stated. 

Levi Vanderlaan, 20, of Elora, was charged with careless driving and is to appear in Guelph court in May.

Another dangerous move

GUELPH – On March 17 at about 8:15pm a Wellington County OPP officer was conducting a traffic stop with the assistance of a tow truck in the northbound lanes of Highway 6 near Laird Road. 

Both vehicles were parked on the west shoulder of the highway with emergency lights activated.

“The male tow truck driver, who was wearing a reflective safety vest, was crouched down on the east side of the truck loading up a vehicle that required impoundment when a north bound motor vehicle sideswiped the front corner of the truck, nearly striking the man,” police stated in a press release.

Chloe Aitken-Botting, 20,  of Chatham, was charged with dangerous driving and is to appear in Guelph court on April 16.

Police are reminding drivers that the provincial “move over” legislation, drafted in 2003, “requires drivers to slow down, move over and proceed with caution when passing emergency vehicles and tow trucks that are parked on the side of the highway with lights activated.” 

Another one

CENTRE WELLINGTON – On March 16 at about 8:25pm emergency crews responded to a report of a head-on vehicle collision on Wellington Road 21 near the 4th Line.

Wellington County OPP officials say a vehicle travelling north on Wellington Road 21 pulled out to pass another vehicle “on a hill with a double solid line when it collided head-on with a southbound motor vehicle.”

The occupants from the second vehicle were transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The other driver was not injured.

Er Pah, 29, of Kitchener, was charged with dangerous driving. He is to appear in Guelph court on April 26.