Pettapiece takes local sign wars to Queen’s Park with statement

PERTH-WELLINGTON – In a May 12 statement in the Ontario legislature MPP Randy Pettapiece spoke about the sign wars taking place in Perth-Wellington.

Pettapiece stated in the house:

“The sign wars are raging!

“Trevor Cork, owner of Speedy Glass in Listowel, fired the first shot. His target? The Dairy Queen next door. Trevor wrote on his business marquee sign: ‘Hey DQ – Wanna have a sign war?’

“It didn’t take long for Amy Hamilton, owner of the DQ, to fire back: ‘You bet your glass we do!’

“In Listowel and surrounding communities throughout Perth-Wellington, hundreds of businesses, churches, charities, and other organizations soon joined in.

‘Our Sundays are best’

“Atwood Presbyterian took aim at DQ: Hey DQ – ‘Our Sundays are the best.’

“In Millbank, Anna Mae’s didn’t mince words: ‘Are you too chicken to get broasted by an outta-towner!’

“The war is heating up, and the world is taking notice. The BBC and the Washington Post have covered it.

“The BBC quoted Trevor: ‘There’s businesses that compete against each other that are poking fun at each other, and people are laughing together again and smiling at each other. It’s brought our community very close in the last seven days,’ he said.

Reasons to smile

“He’s right. This is still a stressful time for people—and a tough time for local businesses.

“We need reasons to come together. We need reasons to smile. In the sign wars, there are no losers.

“Even so, I want to remind everyone that the stay-at-home order is still in effect. So please… stick to inside jokes.”