Olive and Fred Robins Junior Short Story Contest 2020 winners announced

WELLINGTON COUNTY – The County of Wellington Library has announced the winners of the third annual Olive and Fred Robins Junior Short Story Contest.

It is open to Wellington County students attending Grades 4 to 6, who are invited to submit original short stories between 500 and 750 words.

“Thank you to each person who participated in the 2020 program! We hope you enjoy these creative pieces as much as we do,” library officials stated.

Grade 6 student Cayleigh Lubbers and Grade 5 student Shaye Mulder are the two 2020 top prize winners.  Their stories follow.

Night at the Library
by Cayleigh Lubbers

Have you ever wondered what happens at the library at night? Here is a short story that will explain everything.

Hi, my name is Renee but my book name is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. There are no security guards at the library at night so we are free to do whatever we want. We have meetings in our divisions: the kids’ section, the cooking section, the fantasy section (that’s where I live), the teen section, the mystery section, and more. We talk about how to look interesting so that we will get taken home and left there so that the people have to pay fines. That money goes to new books and movies, and new friends are always good to have.

One quiet night we were having a council meeting. Everything seemed normal.

“Try to look interesting. Be bold so that people will pick you. Try to get on one of the book stands on your shelf so people will see you first,” our leader Michael told us.

“Ok,” the rest of the division said, taking careful notes of what he was saying. Suddenly, we heard a noise. It was the sound of thin glass breaking. We all froze.

“Go investigate, Renee,” Michael said.

So, I did. I crept quietly along the sides of the wall. I peeked around the corner. I saw a man stealing some of the best movies! I ran back (as fast as I could) and told the others what I had seen. We rounded up all the divisions and had one big group meeting.

“We need to stop that man from stealing all those movies!” Michael said. “They are innocent! They are our friends! Prepare for war!” he yelled.

So, we did. We grabbed pencils and pens from the library circulation desk and silently marched in to the main room where all the movies were. The man had the movies and he was also stealing the money!

“Renee, go and pull the alarm!” Michael whispered.

The alarm was just above the ground where I could just reach it on my book tippy toes.

“On the count of three we charge and you pull the alarm,” Michael said to me and the group of books. “On the count of three! One, two, THREE!” the leader yelled. The alarm went off AND WE CHARGED! We ran up to the man and poked his legs and ankles with our pencils and pens. The man looked down at us and screamed! He had never seen books with tiny arms carrying pencils and pens as weapons. He ran out the door and into the parking lot where the police were waiting. He got arrested.

The man had left the money and the movies in the library when he ran so we had not lost our friends. The movies were returned to their proper spots. We went back to trying to look bold and interesting so that we would get picked to go home to new families.

After that, there were no more break-ins for a long time.

The Great Escape
by Shaye Mulder

My name is Peaches but I did not choose that name. The one they call mom chose it. I would have preferred something a bit more ferocious because I am a daredevil hamster. I am also super clever and muscular. I can outsmart the big hairy four-legged beast that peers at me with her night black eyes. I can trick the two-legged baby into opening my cage and letting me escape.

Once I had a close encounter with the beast, they call Hazel. It happened one night when the baby freed me. I quickly dashed under the bed and head. I watched the family look for me, but nobody could find me. They ran up and down the stairs frantically and up in down halls. They looked inside boxes and even put out treats to lure me out of my hiding spot.

But I was too clever for them. I dashed into the Lego area and stayed there. Then it happened. The beast found me. I was so scared but luckily the one they call daddy found me and put me in my cage. Phew a close call!

Days passed and I got bored so one night, I decided to make history. I decided to make another great escape. I needed to pry open the door with my teeth, but something went wrong. As I opened the cage it squealed, and I got caught.

“Maybe that didn’t work but I’ll get them back,” I thought.

Until next time.