Norwell students lending a helping hand

A dollar a day seems a minuscule amount to live on by standards of the average Norwell student.

 Lunch alone will wring $5 out of you, without counting gas for the ride to school, fees for field trips and the price of Sports equipment for that after-school field hockey game. The majority of us could not get by on a mere loonie.

To us, this “dollar-a-day” concept is pure fantasy, and exists only in a realm of low-prices and nonexistent fees.  Unfortunately, for a large portion of the world’s population, a dollar a day is a bounty of wealth to live on. 

In an effort to aid those living in less-than-ideal conditions, Norwell’s student  council spearheaded a global outreach initiative that would become an ongoing staple in the school for years.  Through World Vision, Norwell has begun to sponsor a Hope Child for a minimal fee of $40 a month.

The school will receive annual health and education reports regarding Snethemba’s well-being for the duration of her sponsorship. Students and classes also have the opportunity to write Snethemba letters, or send her pictures to keep in touch with her.  Members of the community who wish to write are also welcome, and can contact Norwell’s student council if they have any questions or to send in their requested items.   

Norwell’s Hope Child is Snethemba Danisa. She is 8 and from the Umvoti region of South Africa, just northeast of Durban. Snethemba does the tasks of a girl her age, such as household chores, and attends school. Due to her location, Snethemba has been affected by HIV and AIDS, and that has classified her as one of World Vision’s youth under the Hope Child status. The difference it takes to sponsor a Hope Child is $5 per month.

World Vision operates in a number of countries, and sets up projects in communities of high-need. The World Vision project in the Umvoti region of South Africa began in 2008, and will be continued for approximately 10 to 15 years, or until the community be­comes self-sufficient. By spon­soring Snethemba, Norwell is aiding World Vision in providing Snethemba and her community with basic health care, HIV and AIDS treatment, schooling, nutritious food and clean water, care for orphans and volunteer training so to adapt to the children’s emotional and physical needs. 

Child sponsorship is a simple task for a school of Norwell’s wealth to accom­modate, yet it impacts the lives of those living in developing nations in an enormous way. Norwell’s student council is very excited to embark on the road of child sponsorship, and looks forward to commu­nicating with Snethemba, and watching her progress as time goes on.

For additional information, visit, or contact a member of Norwell’s student council.