No issues extending season for Dufferin Aggregates Aberfoyle Pit 2

ABERFOYLE – Puslinch council has no issue extending the operation of Dufferin Aggregates Aberfoyle Pit 2 to mid-December.

On Nov. 6, Kevin Mitchell  of CRH Canada, owner of Dufferin Aggregates, spoke to council regarding extending the season of the pit at 4445 Victoria Road South.

He stated operations at this site are limited to aggregate extraction and shipping to another site for processing and stockpiling.

Mitchell explained the original agreement with the previous site owners stated that extraction would be limited to May 1 to Nov. 15 each year.

“The reason for our request is that we require another month to build inventory of washed aggregate products before winter conditions restrict washing,” Mitchell stated.

He said that due to climate change it is warmer later in the year.

Previously, the company would have been unable to wash gravel in early December; now it is able to do so.

Council members had no issue with the proposal.

Future plans

Mitchell later noted, “We are getting to the point where we are looking to the future of the site (when commercial operations wrap up). We probably have, plus or minus, five to seven years left at the site.”

Current plans include most of the property being rehabilitated into a lake surrounded by grasslands.

Overall plans include wetlands, islands and potential nesting areas for wildlife such as turtles.

Mitchell noted there is a portion of the property about 200 metres in depth that is not to be extracted and would end up as a slope leading down to the lake.

Dufferin Aggregates had planned a future discussion with the township to develop two to three estate residential lots along Victoria Road.

These properties would back onto the new lake.

“That will help us in our planning as we start winding down the site,” Mitchell said.

Mayor James Seeley commented, “it is excellent you have this on your radar.”

The mayor then asked if Dufferin Aggregates would consider the creation of a easement to allow all residents access to the lake.

Councillor Jessica Goyda added, “I think it is great you are looking to the future.”

The mayor said “when you are thinking of this, I think you should come to council because the public is not always aware of the excellent work being done (on rehabilitation).”