New principals, vice-principals named

GUELPH – The following Elementary Principal and Vice-Principal transfers and appointments are effective September 2020. The decision was made at the May 26 meeting of the Upper Grand District School Board.

Principal transfers

• Trish Drohan-Brodeur Principal from Eramosa PS to Victoria Terrace PS

• Paul Tribe from Aberfoyle PS to Eramosa PS

• Marni Barrow from JD Hogarth PS to Arthur PS

• Tracey Oldfield-Baker from Palmerston PS to JD Hogarth PS

• Darren Hale from Laurelwoods ES to Palmerston PS

• Walter Vander Vaart from Hyland Heights ES to John McCrae PS

• Gillian Muir from East Garafraxa PS to Rickson Ridge PS

• Jane Bibby from FA Hamilton PS to King George PS

Principal Appointments

• Andrew Cloutier from VP Westminster Woods PS to Principal Aberfoyle PS

• Lori Shilvock from VP Primrose ES to Principal Laurelwoods ES

• Laura Cozzarin from VP Victoria Cross PS to Acting Principal Kenilworth PS

• Nicole Hamilton from VP Guelph Lake PS to Principal Guelph Lake PS

• Kaye Martin from VP Glenbrook ES to Principal Hyland Heights ES

• Lena Federico from VP Credit Meadows ES to Acting Principal East Garafraxa PS

• Christine Labelle from VP Arbour Vista PS to Principal FA Hamilton PS

• Lindsey Tremblay from VP John Galt PS to Principal Ross R McKay PS

• Daniel Ardis from Acting Principal Grand Valley and District PS to Principal Grand Valley and District PS

Vice-Principal Transfers

• Gerard Walker from Sir Isaac Brock PS to Westwood PS

• Shawn Henderson from Montgomery Village PS to Primrose ES

• Carol-Anne Sloan from Princess Elizabeth PS to Victoria Cross PS

• Deanne Prins from Jean Little PS to Princess Elizabeth PS

• Adam Bodiam from JD Hogarth PS to Guelph Lake PS

• Jackie Irwin from Kortright Hills PS to Glenbrook ES

• Kyla Lightfoot from Island Lake PS to Kortright Hills PS

• Ibrahim Akyol from Westwood PS to John Galt PS

• Sarah Schoettler from Peel DSB to Jean Little PS

• Kelley Jones from King George PS to JD Hogarth PS

• Kristin Alie from Willow Road PS to William C. Winegard PS

• Theresa Darroch from William C. Winegard PS to Willow Road PS

• Keith Coutu from Frontier Collegiate, Manitoba to Westminster Woods PS

Vice-principal appointments

• Jennifer Toth from Teacher, Toronto DSB to VP Montgomery Village PS

• Derek Tellis from Teacher, Havergal College to VP Sir Isaac Brock PS

• David Taylor from Teacher, Peel DSB to VP King George PS

• Sorcha Masterson from Teacher, Dufferin-Peel CDSB to VP Credit Meadows ES

• Katherine Languedoc from Teacher, Peel DSB to VP Arbour Vista PS

The following Secondary Principal and Vice-Principal transfers and appointments are effective September 2020.

Principal Transfers

• Chad Warren from Centre Wellington DHS to John F. Ross CVI

• Jennifer Meeker from Wellington Heights SS to Centre Wellington DHS

Principal appointments

• Brent Bloch from VP John F. Ross CVI to Principal Wellington Heights SS Vice-Principal Transfers

• Jeni Vaughan from Guelph CVI to Centennial CVI

• Ian Main from Centennial CVI to Westside SS

• Heather Ginzel from Westside SS to College Heights SS

• Hayley Holm from College Heights SS to Orangeville DSS

• Lisa Sanvido from Orangeville DS