New online arts hub for Guelph coming this spring

GUELPH – A new online hub that will connect Guelph-Wellington artists and arts organizations to the community and to each other is set to launch this spring.

Guelph Arts Council (GAC) is building the new Guelph Arts Hub to replace the current

Artists will be able to sell their work, promote their content and events, and increase traffic to their websites through the user-friendly Guelph Arts Hub.

They will also be able to connect with organizations that have the resources they need. And the community will be able to easily search for events and performances to attend, or local artwork to buy.

“The pandemic has made it especially hard for artists of all disciplines to reach their audiences and make a living from their work,” says GAC executive director Patti Broughton.

“We were already looking into ways to make our older website more user-friendly and accessible to a diverse community of artists when the pandemic hit.”

Community members have also been looking for ways to support local artists and to enjoy music, visual art, books and performances online, Broughton says.

“Guelph Arts Hub will bring all that together in one place.”

Performers and arts organizations will be able to use the Hub to share digital programming, such as event recordings. Even when exhibitions and events are in-person again, the new Hub will provide a digital home for artists to share and sell their work, and for organizations to share their events, opportunities, and resources.

GAC is partnering with local arts organizations to increase resources on the site. Artists and organizations interested are encouraged to contact GAC.