New detour route speeds construction

A power interruption here on May 29 played a role in speeding up a downtown road construction project.

A lengthy power interruption began early in the day when a hydro pole was struck by a vehicle in Harriston at Young and Elora Street. Westario Power spent much of the day repairing the damage and traffic, already being detoured due to downtown construction, had to be further re-routed.

Business and economic manager Belinda Wick-Graham advised council at the June 2 meeting that the extended detour routes worked so well a decision was made by engineers, contractors and town staff to keep Elora Street between Young and Mill Streets closed, allowing construction work to proceed ahead of schedule.

“Because there was no traffic coming down that one block anyway, we though why not continue the project right now down to Young Street. By doing that that will speed the project up by three weeks,” said Wick-Graham.

Wick-Graham added that businesses were very co-operative and endorsed the new detour route. Expanded parking areas remain available around the downtown. Visit for information and updates.