Mapleton council approves bylaw cutting speed limit near rural schools

MAPLETON – A bylaw implementing a 60 kilometre per hour speed limit in school zones in rural areas of the township was approved by council on Sept. 29.

The reduction lowers the speed limit in areas around seven schools from 80km/h to 60km/h.

Roads passing Centre Peel Public School on Mapleton’s 6th Line and six Mennonite schools on 6th, 8th and 4th Lines, Concessions 3 and 14, and Sideroad 19 will be impacted by the change.

Of 13 schools located within Mapleton boundaries, five are located within built up areas where speed limits already set at 50km/hr. In addition, one rural school on 3rd Line is already within a 50km/hr speed zone.

While the bylaw also restricts speeds on roads passing rural municipal parks to 60km/h, a report from public works director Sam Mattina notes there are currently no rural parks in Mapleton.

Council passed a motion approving the speed reduction at the Aug. 10 meeting.

Since July, township staff have been working on a township-wide policy regarding “traffic calming” measures in response to citizen concerns.

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