Dear Editor:

There is a new way to petition the government by way of an e-petition (https://petitions.ourcommons.ca).

E-petition e-3224 is to petition the government to bring back the “Military Service Medal” which was discontinued in 1947.

There are many military personnel who have left the military and have no medal to show for their service, if they left before 12 years of service.

Other Commonwealth countries have a “Service Medal”, but consecutive Conservative and Liberal governments refuse to award those who were willing to give their life for their country. Why is this?

For many years now Dave Palmer and myself have done our utmost to make this medal a reality, but successive governments stubbornly refuse, which is the reason for this e-petition.

At this point in time, with our top leaders in Canada’s military in turmoil, and our Governor General having resigned (the Governor General is our Commander-in-Chief) it is perhaps time to turn this around and award those who served in Canada’s military, and try and improve the morale of our military during this very trying time.

Please note: any Canadian can sign this petition on-line, young or old.

Thank you for supporting this very worthwhile endeavour.

Jacques De Winter,