Where’s common sense?

Dear Editor:

Last Thursdays Advertiser covered Wellington County’s 3.3% tax increase, which passed unopposed along with the salary portion that passed unopposed .

Don’t any of our elective representatives think that a budget that exceeds the rate of inflation is a fail?

What caught my attention was the 10-year budget with increases “ranging from 3.8 to 4.3% over the coming decade” – but don’t worry, they have traditionally come in lower; that makes me feel warm all over.

What we need is a goal of a budget at or below inflation and a plan where every basis point above inflation negatively impacts the salaries of those people charged with formulating the budget .

Councillor Chris White “explained the largest change, 1.2%, is for enhanced solid waste services.” A survey was mentioned and as hard as I try, I cannot find anyone that participated in the survey that found rural residents wanted pickup on both sides of the road. Really? You can’t walk an additional 20 feet? Regarding yard waste pickup, what has changed that this is now important? Before garbage pickup people managed.

To our elected officials: forget surveys only the lonely or those that don’t have call display reply to – instead, do your job and spend money wisely.

John Bossie,