Weakened position?

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole.

I voted for you in the leadership competition, and of course I am member of the Conservative Party.

The main reason I voted for you is that, like you, I am ex military officer.  On this basis I have an understanding of the objectivity, analysis and focus of how we think and work.

So, when I see a change in that objectivity I feel I must comment:

Pierre Poilievre is the strongest weapon you have against our adversary. I believe that the reason Trudeau is in a defensive position at Rideau Cottage is because he is frightened of Poilievre.

Why on earth then would you take Poilievre out of the line and place him in a reserve position? You must not weaken your advantage at a time when an attack is imminent.

I understand that you want to bring the unions on side, if they could ever be brought on side, but that has to be part of the recovery once we have taken out the enemy.

Incidentally, I refer to the Trudeau cabal as the enemy because I believe they are the greatest threat to democracy that this country has been exposed to in peace time.

I am sorry for stepping into your sandbox, but you must explain to me the rationale you have for weakening our position.

Michael Lee,