Wants photo radar

Dear Editor:

Our stretch of roads, from Fife Road to Whitelaw Road, has become a race track in recent times.

Though there has been less traffic since the pandemic, letters to the county and phone calls to the OPP have resulted in nothing.

Mayor Chris White gave us some hope of speed sensors, but nothing has come about and with this speeding being an issue all over and obviously the fines don’t stop these fools. I think it’s time to put up photo radar and increase fines and vehicle confiscations from seven days to a month, at least for the racers.

And it’s not only speed, but noise from modified exhausts, even on trucks.

I don’t think reducing the police funding will help any and the OPP are thinly spread, so use the photo radar and make some money, as they have been doing in Europe for over 40 years.

Stephen Knight,