Veterans’ flags

Dear Editor:

For several years, prior to Remembrance Day and Canada Day,  members of the Royal Canadian Legion in Elora have placed small Canadian flags at the graves of veterans in the Elora cemetery.

Identifying all veterans has been a challenge since Legion or service records of some may not be available. The worry is that there may be a veteran that we have accidentally overlooked, or quite possibly marked a grave of a person who was not a veteran.

We recognize any person who has served in the Canadian or Allied military, whether they saw active duty or not. They also could have been in the Reserves.

My hope is that any family member reading this letter who has had a member of their family buried in the Elora cemetery would check this coming week to see if we have recognized their loved one who has served.

If an error has been made, please contact the Legion directly and the mistake will be corrected.

Lynn McClellan,
Member, Branch 229,
Royal Canadian Legion