Vaccine contrast

Dear Editor:

At about 9:30am on March 4, I was on my way to my office in Harriston, and listening to the radio.  A grandmother from Waterloo Region was describing how she had received a COVID-19 vaccination in the Mount Brydges area in the past couple of days. She is one of the family members providing care for her father who has dementia. He lives in that community.

This woman couldn’t give enough praise to the system as she experienced it. From the registration process to the nurses and all the other staff, she described how everything ran so smoothly. And then as she was leaving the community hall where the vaccinations were being given, she received a text telling her that her second shot would be 4 weeks hence at the same time. I was impressed.

At about 4:30pm on March 4, I was reading the letter in the Advertiser from Jim Harkness of Harriston. He wrote about the oddball arrangements for a one-day clinic in Mount Forest several days prior, and how Minto and North Wellington residents would now have to travel to Centre Wellington for their vaccinations.

What a contrast in stories of how vaccinations in this province have been set up!

John McVicar,