‘Unfortunate episode’

Dear Editor:

RE: Debate will continue, July 4.

I commend Jennifer Horton for her letter about Swastika Trail. This is a really unfortunate episode that is not among Puslinch’s finest moments.

The Ontario Superior Court made the correct decision legally, but there were more than legal issues in play here. Applicant Randy Guzar summarized it best when he argued that “the previous council made a profoundly wrong decision the right way.” All the Superior Court could do is address how that decision was made.

There is a world outside Puslinch and as long as Swastika Trail remains a name on the Puslinch map, it might as well be around the corner from Hitler Lane. Puslinch will either be seen as a hotbed of neo-Nazis or a cluster of clueless and insensitive fools. I’ve lived here since 1975 and I don’t believe either is true.

As Guzar notes, there is nothing to prevent the present council from stepping up and doing the right thing.

Hank Davis,