Dear Editor:

RE: ‘Great exception’ taken, Jan. 9.

I must admit, I totally agree with all of the sentiments expressed in Beverley Cairns’ letter.

I think this unseemly  situation, where certain councillors were denied access to relevant information regarding future deliberations, deserves a closer look.

We citizens trust that our elected councillors will be making informed decisions on our behalf.

Why not wait to vote on any issues until all councillors are satisfied that all of their questions have been answered?

Now, if a certain group has any form of an agenda, they may not want all, or certain information, to come under scrutiny. Is this the case here? It is our elected politicians’ right to have all of their questions answered before a vote should ever have been taken.

Sad to say, it appeared to be a very unbecoming, and undemocratic, series of events.

Tyzo David Toccalino,