Turning 100 poem

Dear Editor:

On Becoming One Hundred

You asked me “What is it Like?
I wish  some wise words I could relay;
To ease your fears, and point the way.
Or did you inquire, for some words that inspire
Whether there’s some secret message, reserved for the aged?
So after much thought, I find  that it’s not taught,
It may  happen there is a way-and it may be found;
Try living each day – as if it were dated!
Only you can choose this gift of time,
Perhaps you will wisely carefully,
Infuse  every gift to its full measure,
Til you have found the path for your own life’s treasure.
So is there an answer for your quest?
More I don’t know, I’ve tried my best.
For only you will know when you have walked this road,
Maybe it will be a way to inspire,
Or whether ‘twil be some road to inquire;
But surely life has saved its greatest joys,
Which are purely your very own to enjoy!

Sytske Drijber,