‘True bravery’

Dear Editor:

I am responding to the front page story as well as several comments made in the letters to the editor in the Nov. 25 issue.

True bravery is reflected in that incredible front page picture of the Centre Wellington District High School student march for fairness and social justice. This is a genuine act of kindness for the marginalized in their midst. These remarkable students are leaders of bravery who take social responsibility seriously. I am applauding them and encourage them to not give up this most important fight against the tyranny of hatred. Their efforts give us incredible hope.

However, those who sacrificed their jobs, who sacrificed their families’ financial security because they chose not to get vaccinated are not brave – rather they are unkind.

I hope they can turn their hearts and find it in themselves to consider others by being socially responsible and get a vaccine. Getting or not getting a vaccination is not a right, it is a responsibility. Every life matters, not just your own.

Janice Phillips,