Trail etiquette

Dear Editor:

RE: Prefers solitude, Jan. 9.

I too am glad there will be no snowmobiles on the Elora Cataract Trail this year, but walkers also need to improve their trail etiquette.

When ever I encounter snowmobiles on the trail I need to cover my face with my scarf in order to breathe; the exhaust from those dirty machines is so awful. Mickey Mouse, one of the 11,000 “climatologists” who say the world will end in 11 years if we don’t stop using fossil fuels, would surely say they should be banned for good.

Now, walkers too should be banned from the trail if they don’t improve their behaviour. Please, dog owners, at the very least, kick your dog’s poop off the trail so that others don’t have to be looking out for it all the time.

And how stupid is it for a dog owner to pick up their dog’s poop in a plastic bag and then drop it beside the trail? At least poop not in a bag will degrade naturally. And then there are those who drop litter on the trail. All I can say is stop it!

We all want to enjoy this wonderful trail and all of us can make it better for all.

Jane Vandervliet,