Theatre attention

Dear Editor:

We in Fergus and the surrounding area are blessed to live in such a versatile and historic community.

Included in that versatility is the Fergus Grand Theatre and she is just that, a grand old lady well into her eighties, I believe. And beautiful at that age. This gem is continually presenting not only local offerings, but on more than one occasion, world class entertainment.

Having said that, I am surprised at the lack of media coverage regarding the events held there. An occasional mention of things to come and sometimes a picture of an event after the fact. I recently attended ZED, a Led Zeppelin tribute band which has won awards for its show in the past. It was an exceptional, well received show with a sold out house but no report of such accompanying the pic in the paper.

Other shows I have seen there suffer similar disregard, such as the Dan Needles of Wingfield Farm fame presentation, which also was a great success.

I think both the theatre and the community would benefit from the occasional write-up after a successful evening. A wonderful part of the local culture and atmosphere.

Terry Filce,