The real ‘fun-killers’

Dear Editor:

RE: Wants ATVs on trails, Sept. 7.

Oh dear. Sorry, but a resounding “No” to Jim Machen’s plea for ATVing on our trails. Certainly not the Elora-Cataract and similar trails.

Who are the “fun-killers” in this instance? Those of us who take pleasure from a peaceful stroll or cycle ride in the fresh air, along our precious trail resource … or the selfish polluters who apparently can’t get any fun in their lives without burning fossil fuels and making noise?

It’s bad enough that the tranquility and air quality is ruined along our trails by the snowmobiles during winter months (getting shorter due to the lack of snow… through fossil fuel induced global warming, maybe?). Must we now suffer for all the rest of the year from ATVers roaring up and down what are, after all, mostly straight line trails? How boring.

As an ATV owner myself, why should I have the right to inflict my exhaust fumes and noise on peace-loving pedestrians and cyclist trail users?

How about joining your other septuagenarian friends and buying your own secluded acreage far away from everyone else, where you can roar up and down some straight lines of your own? Maybe even create some bends, muddy swamps and rocky obstacles and have some real ATV fun?

Roy Pegg,