‘The GTA dream’

Dear Editor:

It was 6am ton Aug. 27 when the tintinnabulation of heavy equipment beeping and moaning outside began.

What better time than during a travel-banned summer of home social isolation for the county to green light a big housing project on River Road in Elora that will close the road for a quarter of the year while providing the existing residents of our soon-to-be not small town with a never ending industrial soundtrack. Thank you, local officials, for your consideration.

What do we get out of this short-term inconvenience? Long-term inconvenience as hundreds more former GTA residents fill our streets with their selfish driving habits. Where will they go? Into their detached (because you can fit a piece of paper between them) GTA-style 3,000 square foot houses with postage stamp sized backyards. Don’t expect to see them outside, that isn’t the lifestyle this Borg-style housing encourages.

Stuff more people into less space, to hell with the community aesthetic. The same box stores you see across Toronto can’t be far behind, then we too can live the GTA dream. It’s like watching a cancer metastasize, and our body politic encourages it!

At least we’ll have more infrastructure to handle this influx with, right? New roads? No, we won’t because there are none. Just more people stuffed onto the same old, crumbling infrastructure.

I look forward to my taxes going up again anyway. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate no notice and months, and then years, of inconvenience because a private company wants to line its own pockets at everyone else’s expense.

Livability in our community? No more coffee on the porch in the morning for me in 2020, unless I bring ear protectors.

Tim King,