Thankful for letter

Dear Editor:

RE: Treatment plant needed, Feb. 25.

I could not agree more with Rod Finnie’s last paragraph, “Oh, and by the way, the trout will actually enjoy having a stream to live in that doesn’t dry up in summer.”

My point exactly, Mr. Finnie. I interpret this, that you think the trout can thrive in effluent discharge if there is no river flow. Please, correct me if I am wrong, but I would not like to be around to see the horns growing out of the heads of the trout. How can you have a proper dilution rate of the effluent discharge to the outflow of the river, if, as you say, it dries up in the summer, or as I say, a beaver can drop a tree and build a dam and change river flow overnight.

I do not need a 10-year, $2-million dollar study to come to this conclusion, a simple hike will prove. I really never considered the droughts, but I thank you so much for bringing this component to the table. You have a very good point, and I thank you so much for your information and support in regards to this cause.

You have definitely garnered attention, as my email and phone has not stopped. You have truly opened up a new dimension, with expressing even more reduced outflow to properly dilute the effluent. Thanks so much for helping our cause.

Ken Cowling,