‘Stench of corruption’

Dear Editor:

New slogan: Trudeau and Morneau must immediately go.

The stench of corruption and white privilege on them and the entire Liberal government is undeniable. Their attempts to weasel out of this mess only make it worse. WE charity is apparently also a nest of corruption, deception and denial.

I have never seen this level of lying, useless meaningless apologies and total disgrace of office that these guys have shown. Resignations, criminal investigations and prison time are needed to root out the sleeze and ensure others do better.

Let’s not forget that these guys answer to the people of Canada and we should be doing our job of shaming them right out of office. We protest everything else, why not this? Corruption that is not rooted out leads to more corruption. The more there is the harder it is to get rid of and the deeper it goes.

Instead of demeaning and protesting our great Wellington County and OPP police officers, why not put that energy into getting rid of the real problem: Trudeau and Morneau?

Write your MP, tell your friends, wear a T-shirt. Do something.

Ron White,
Mount Forest