Status quo not working

Dear Editor:

RE: OPINION: Sacrifices have no perceptible impact on climate change, Jan. 30.

As the headline reads, Gwyn Morgan is offering his opinion on the subject of climate change, but it is an opinion that is dangerous, as it encourages people to just carry on in the same manner as the world around us is ceasing to be the hospitable orb that has nurtured homo sapiens since time immemorial.  Look around, neighbours, and you see how the status quo is no longer working.

What Morgan chooses to not mention (although I am certain he knows) is that Canadians are in the top five of per capita emitters in the world, largely because of the oil industry he so enthusiastically defends. That means that each of us in Canada has a disproportionately large carbon footprint. In other words, we are part of the problem, not a solution. We cannot, in good faith, blame others in more populated countries just because our numbers are few, yet individually potent.

Mr. Morgan, regarding those five global corporations that you have directed, are they benefiting from the mess we are in?  Just wondering.

John Liss,
Eden Mills