Spewing ‘nonsense’

Dear Editor:

I was appalled to see that Centre Wellington councillor Steve VanLeeuwen has joined the “End the lockdowns caucus.”

The over 280,000 COVID 19 cases in Ontario came from personal contact with others who had the virus.

Is VanLeeuwen unaware of that? Perhaps, for in the picture the group posted, there they are maskless, not socially distanced, in violation of the provincial stay at home order, supposedly exercising their rights. Perhaps he should consider that the over 6,500 Ontarians who died from the virus don’t have rights anymore. Perhaps with his behaviour he is at risk of joining them.

I agree with Mayor Kelly Linton when he said, “This current lockdown is primarily the result of simple rules not being followed. That is what has to change.”

I hope VanLeeuwen comes to his senses and realizes that one of his main responsibilities as an elected official is to keep people safe, not spew nonsense.

Peter Varty,