Sorry not enough

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Mr. Trudeau, sorry isn’t good enough. Pay the money given out for wages for family provided from WE to you and your family and mom and Mr. Morneau’s family members back to the Canadian bank account for our debt. This was a conflict of interest.  You gave $900 million to WE to provide student programs for jobs. By the way, was this voted on by parliament?

We also have people on disabilities who have physical and medical problems which cause valid problems with being able to work full time to earn. Yet, they struggle finding suitable rental accommodations they can afford at $600 to $700 per month and live on minimal grocery money.

Our able bodied students need to go out and find work and leave government spending for those in real need. Cut lawns. Paint. Flip burgers … please. Aren’t students currently getting $1,200 plus in COVID-19 money per month already?

If Revenue Canada notified me that I needed to pay more money on my tax return, would it be okay for me to just say I am sorry and forget that I owe the money to Revenue Canada?  No way. Revenue Canada is charging me interest for every day the money is overdue.  Revenue Canada would be sending me notices regularly until I paid.

Please take this as my notice, Mr. Trudeau. As Canadians and Ontarians, we need accountability from our political leaders. If a blunder is made financially, it is time the politicians and their party are held accountable.

If you won’t pay it back as retribution personally, which I think is justice, then the money should come from the Liberal Party bank account and be put into the Canadian debt bank account for all wages paid out by WE and please add interest paid on it for every day it is not returned at Revenue Canada rates.

This is only justice and the right thing to do. Sorry is not enough, Mr. Trudeau. Please contact Mr. Trudeau to support repayment to our Canadian debt by Mr. Trudeau, his family, Mr. Morneau, wages to daughter if applicable, and/or the Liberal Party funds account repayment option.

Carolann Krusky,