‘Slippery slope’?

Dear Editor:

RE: Fear “unfounded,” Sept. 15.

Jan Corbett is most fortunate not to have anyone in her family or friends euthanized against their will. 

I suggest that she contact the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition for documented cases of people in Canada being euthanized against their will or knowledge. 

Others have been coerced into signing permission to be euthanized. In some cases they may have done so as they have not the financial means to live on a government pension.

Soon mental illness will qualify for euthanasia. What happened to “competent to decide?” Chronic conditions not leading to imminent death qualify now. Is this not the “slippery slope” which we were assured would not happen? 

I became disabled 71 years ago. I have no desire to have my life ended by euthanasia. Should I be hospitalized or admitted to a nursing home, there is no guarantee that I would not be euthanized against my will, as happened to my parents.

Pat Woode,