Dear Editor:

I’m not sure how familiar you are with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, but access to health[care] is part of the second tier, just above food, water and shelter. 

Seeing as our government has no positive solution for the massive housing/homelessness crisis, wouldn’t it be nice for those individuals to at least have access to healthcare in a timely manner? Our most vulnerable and financially strapped populations are the ones who need our healthcare system the most. And Ford is working his hardest to strip that basic necessity from them. Private sector healthcare will absolutely draw workers from the public sector, leaving fewer experts in the field of the public realm, and a drastic differential between the care provided between the two sectors. 

Our society is so broken and hell bent on profit/power, that our premier now thinks it’s more important to line the pockets of the powerful (and his own) than to look after the constituents he promised to put first and protect. 

We need the truth to be seen. Wait times are already horrendous. It’s only going to get worse. Instead of investing in the private sector, he should be investing all the same time and resources into addressing our public healthcare crisis; for the good of our people, and in turn, our province/country. 

We need to follow in BC’s footsteps. Invest in public healthcare. Invest in our people. Show Ford we’re watching. We see what he’s doing and we don’t like it. Vote him out, he isn’t for the people at all. He’s for himself and those like him; always putting profit before people. But people make his economy function. 

He’s so short-sighted, he doesn’t even see the state he’s propelling our province into. Use your voice. Stop privatization.

Samantha Cudney,