Service sham

Dear Editor:

I am absolutely disgusted with Service Ontario. Last year they closed their Arthur office and this year Mount Forest and Harriston offices were closed due to COVID-19 (I’m unsure of Listowel). This leaves Wellington North without Service Ontario representation.

Our closest office is now in Fergus, but they have cut their hours to 9am to 1pm, Monday to Friday, with no weekends.  That leaves two women 20 hours a week to issue drivers licences, licence stickers, OHIP cards etc. for all the residents of Wellington North and Fergus.

How these women stay sane I don’t know but they do. I was so impressed with their efficiency and positive attitude greeting everyone with a smile.

To get my licence sticker I had to line up along the side of the building in the blazing sun and high temperatures without an inch of shade or anywhere to sit before I could enter the air conditioned office and lined up for an additional 15 minutes.

On other days I have seen the lineup going up Gorrie Street under the same conditions, including seniors and the physically challenged.  I can only wonder how long they had to wait to enter the air conditioned office.

I have a heart condition, asthma and other medical issues but Service Ontario in their infinite wisdom doesn’t see a problem with any of this.  Shame on you, Service Ontario!

Lesley Morris,