Senior ‘cartoons’

Dear Editor:

I look forward to the Advertiser arriving on our doorstep each Thursday afternoon.

However, I have been a bit perturbed about what seems to be a recurring theme with the “Senior Lifestyle” page(s). Having turned 60 last summer, I feel part of a uniquely qualified and prestigious age group to be able to speak to this.

Bette Davis said (among many things!) “ Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” With all due respect, can this paper please refrain from depicting older adults as cartoon characters?

Surely there are ClipArt pictures that depict older adults in a more civilized and dignified way. Better yet, borrow pictures from one of Wellington County’s older adult centres, say the Centre for Excellence in the north end or the Rockwood Older Adults Centre in the south.

How many of us are navigating quite competently on Zoom? Or bounding about on a tennis-turned-pickleball court or a 55-plus fitness class?

Your thoughtfulness in addressing this is gratefully appreciated.

Margaret Iutzi,