‘Second class’?

Dear Editor:

Are Minto’s seniors second-class citizens?

On Feb. 24, Minto seniors received information that they could register for COVID-19 vaccinations.

On Feb. 25, we received word through the grapevine that there was a vaccination centre being set up in Mount Forest on Feb. 26. Some residents of Harriston and Clifford, though not officially notified, were able to register and receive their first dose in Mount Forest. This was a one-day clinic set up and it appears to have been kept quiet.

By the time we got word to our granddaughter to register us in Mount Forest, they had closed the bookings off and we were promptly scheduled into Fergus on March 8.

It appears that residents of Minto have lost the opportunity of a short drive to Mount Forest and are being routed to Fergus, which is approximately three times the distance as Mount Forest. Alternatively, you can go to Guelph or Orangeville, which are even further.

Many seniors in the 90-plus group no longer drive and would have to arrange transportation. Those that are still able to drive may be comfortable in their hometown environment, but uneasy or reluctant to drive a further distance.

The Minto boundary is within 2km of the Mount Forest vaccination site. The site location is chosen by the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health unit. Why wouldn’t Minto residents be directed to the Mount Forest location?

The online booking system is also poorly set up for the targeted age group. Most seniors in the 80-plus age group probably do not have their own computer, cell phone or email. If they do not have family assistance, are they not entitled to a vaccine? When you call WDGPH you are directed to the website.

Jim Harkness,