Sculpture vandalized

Dear Editor:

The Elora Sculpture Project was established by a group of citizens who believe that outdoor public art creates a  sense of community pride, supports local artists, transforms public spaces and benefits the local economy.

Each winter the project receives applications from sculptors across southern Ontario who wish to have their work installed in our community. Committee members then select 18 sculptures to be displayed along the sidewalks and greenspaces of Elora and Fergus from May until November. The response to this initiative from the community and visitors alike has been overwhelmingly positive.

Sometime during the early morning of June 9, a person or persons proceeded to destroy a sculpture that had been erected in Elora. In all likelihood it was someone who was staggering home after having drank too much at one of the local bars. I find it appalling that someone had so little respect for the work of an artist who spent weeks creating a sculpture that was installed in a public place for the benefit of the community.

I also take issue with the owners and staff of the local bars who continue to serve alcohol to customers that they know to be intoxicated. In addition to being destructive, these late night drinkers are extremely loud and they occasionally vomit on the sidewalks. By law the owners and staff of a bar have a responsibility to monitor their customers’ intake of alcohol so as to ensure the safety and well being of the community.

Kent Smith,
Chair, Elora Sculpture Project