‘Scheer agony’

Dear Editor:

Every time I see a Donald Trump tweet or see him on TV, I cringe, horrified.

As a Canadian, as a neighbour of the U.S., we are tied to what goes on there. When tariffs are imposed on Canada by Trump, that is one example of a tie.

With Trump, cruelty is the point. That sums up everything he says and does. Verbally attacking four congresswomen of colour and telling them to go back to their countries, when all four are American citizens, purposely twisting their words to make them appear to be terrible people, is him being cruel and a racist.

For quite some time, I feel that cruelty is the point with the Doug Ford’s Ontario Conservative government. If we elect Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, in my estimation, cruelty is the point with him too. Ford has attacked, with deep cuts, our education system, health care system and environment, as examples.

Electing Scheer, a friend of Ford, we can expect deep cuts, which serve no one but hurt Canadians. Scheer agony. That’s what I predict Canadians will suffer.

Jan Corbett,