‘Religious zealots’

Dear Editor:

RE: No letter of support for local hospice coming from Centre Wellington council, July 21.

I’d like to address council’s disappointing decision not to support the new hospice. 

This is nothing new – religion intertwining with our local politics. We have some religious zealots on council, and they wish to impose their faux-logic (ie. – masks being harmful) and religious identity on other people.

Centre Wellington residents are missing out on cannabis retailers and the town is losing out on tax revenues from property tax. All because our religious councillors (Kitras, VanLeuween) feel it is their right to have faith guide our local politics.

Religion should never infuse with governance on any level. As we see with our neighbours to the south, the U.S. is careening towards christofascism and Centre Wellington citizens don’t take too lightly when a town councillor opposes a hospice on the grounds that their god doesn’t approve.

This is utter BS. The election is coming up soon – vote for someone that will allow cannabis retailers to open up shop, and someone that is compassionate for all people!

John Mifsud,