‘Reign of terror’

Dear Editor:

RE: County to draft bylaw allowing off-road vehicles on county roads, Sept. 23.

It was interesting reading, regarding allowing ATVs and off-road vehicles on county roads. I believe that a “reign of terror” is about to be unleashed. The comments by council regarding the belief that most people “are reasonable and respectful  of laws” just does not hold water.

The comparison to bicycles already being able to use the road  shows the serious lack of insight that is present amongst most councillors that have been entrusted with our welfare. I already observe these bicycles going every which way through town, totally ignoring even the most basic “rules of the road” that we rely upon to keep everybody safe. They want to add noisy and often smoky ATVs to this confusion?

The statement that “the OPP is in place to deal with it,” is also stretching the truth, as they simply don’t have the manpower, unless some serious hiring is implemented.

Sometimes, it is a case of “follow the money” in these situations. Who is most likely to gain from the implementation of this “new agenda”? Certainly not the average “fed up and sick of all the noisy speedsters that seem untouchable that we have already” citizen. So we need to identify exactly who is to get an answer.

Malcolm McCulloch,