Reduce waste

Dear Editor:

RE: Reuse, recycle, Jan. 9.

I couldn’t decide whether Dalia El-khashab’s letter was really serious or just tongue-in-cheek.

It encourages the deployment of two out of the three environmental Rs, but the examples given sounded like merely converting old tat into alternative old tat … all still garbage just the same.

Worse, applying paint, glue, glitter, sparkle, etc. to obsolete plastic items will almost certainly render them incapable of being recycled when one inevitably tires of the so called “cool fashion” accessory one has created.

Sadly missing from the exhortation was to adopt the most important R: reduce. We just don’t need all this plastic garbage so we’d be better off not buying it in the first place. If we all stop buying worthless plastic junk it would do much more to save the Earth. We, the consumers, create the problem. If we stop buying junk, then junk won’t get manufactured for very much longer.

Just think how much junk has been bought over this holiday season. I wonder how much of it we will miss when the planet is toast?

Roy Pegg,