‘Red direction’?

An open letter to Prime Minister Justin  Trudeau.

I have a question for you concerning the future for the next generations of Canadians;  as a bilingual society should we continue to embrace English and French as our two languages or should we move on to French and Mandarin?

As I understand it, you, as the PM of the present minority government, are proposing to give a throne speech focussing on a new “green” direction for the Canadian economy and way of life. Shouldn’t that be the new “red” direction?

My rationale for this thought is that if we consider that, as you stated, you like “the way the Chinese do business” and you have so-far refused to keep Huawei out of the Canadian 5G network, despite our allies and CSIS advising that to let them in gives a direct line of data transmission to the Chinese Intelligence Services, then you must be favouring them in some way.

Then consider that you have given a contract to Nuctech, a company founded by a the son of former Chinese president, Hu Jintao, to install X-Ray scanners in Canadian Embassies around the world. Obviously you know that details of all persons entering and leaving those establishments could be in the hands of the Chinese Intelligence Services within minutes of the event, yet you still choose to do it.

I can see that you have had to pander to the “red aristocracy” (Clive Hamilton – Globe and Mail) in order to limit further stress on the two hostages Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, but perhaps you are doing them no favours by rolling over for this regime.

I hope that it is not part of your plan to use this regime as a role model;  after all the only difference between your democratic socialism and their autocratic socialism is parliament, and having closed down our democratic option you are still managing to push your agenda on Canadians with only a minority government.  Interesting thought?

So what do you think for the future, French and Mandarin? Red direction?

I think the best alternative for us Canadians is for you to just hand over the reins (not reigns) to another group who does wish to use parliament and is interested in an economy that will work for all Canadians in English and French.

Perhaps your throne speed will achieve that?

Michael Lee,