‘Reasonable demands’

I don’t frequently submit letters to newspapers, but I feel so strongly about the provincial cuts to public education that I am compelled to share my thoughts.

I wholeheartedly support teachers in their battle to defend our public education system. Doug Ford’s cuts to education mean overcrowded classrooms and replacing classroom learning with online courses. Both of these proposals will hurt our kids.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce went to private school so it is possible he is unable to appreciate how much our public education matters to the majority of Ontarians. His government also gave deputy ministers a 14% pay rise last year while denying teachers a 2% raise.

In reality, these education cuts are not a budget issue, as teachers are asking for less than it cost Doug Ford’s government to cancel green energy projects.

I believe Ontario teachers are making reasonable demands to protect public education. Placing value on educating our children is one the most important things that we can do to ensure the future success and sustainability of our province and ourselves.

It is time for the government to begin really listening to and “hearing” what the teachers are saying – and to give them what they are reasonably asking for.

Heather Glass,