Read a book, people

Dear Editor:

I was appalled when a recent protest outside of a local nursing home featured signs that read “Stop the genocide!”

My grandmother is Native American and a residential school survivor. With a new wrongful death of an indigenous person reported every day and thousands of murdered and missing women in Canada, this is the first “stop the genocide” sign I have heard of in the area.

And it’s pointed in the wrong direction. What’s happening in health care is happening everywhere. No teacher wants overcrowded classrooms. No resident wants brown water coming out of their taps. No one wants to be in lockdown. No one wants to lose jobs.

We have good people in a bad system.

Our systems are under-funded, outdated, sexist and racist from education to the RCMP as demonstrated from this gem of a headline: “RCMP tolerates ‘misogynistic, racist, and homophobic attitudes:’ former Supreme Court justice”  (

And we’ve been watching system after system slowly collapse for years. Why? Because our “leaders” care more about getting back to the way things were yesterday than accepting that our community, our province, our country and our world is in very desperate need of innovation, compassion, cooperation and courage.

In my research, I have come across reports of: power generators that don’t require fuel, electric cars that don’t require recharging, Advanced Resonance Kinetics or ARK Crystals that tap the zero point energy field to enhance plant growth.

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies has been treating anxiety, depression and PSTD in their clinical studies.

The world is not what it was yesterday.

I sincerely hope that people stop being outraged by another person’s opinion and start forming their own.

Read a book, people.

Michelle Alderson