Profit over patients

Dear Editor:

It’s not my problem. This is the approach taken by Premier Doug Ford when confronted with the possibility of the province being sued for the death of seniors in care facilities.

It was alleged that COVID-19 and the long confinement had contributed to lessening of patient care. Ford’s position is that redress should come from the private corporations running the homes not the province.

Bill 175, awaiting 3rd reading, encourages the privatization of home care. At present clients can turn to their MPP, the ombudsman, and in general carry their concerns beyond the caregiver. They have a Bill of Rights that is legislated and cannot be altered by changing regulations at the whim of sitting government.

All this is gone under Bill 175.

Privatization of home care means concerns about care do not go beyond the corporate caregiver which become the judge of its own actions.

As has been done by private care facilities , concerned family (not living with the client) can be refused input and information. There is a long list of ills with Bill 175, but they all stem from changing a patient-centred approached to a corporate profit approach.

Chris Woode,