‘Productive purpose’?

Dear Editor:

RE: Shut it down – for real, April 22.

The April 22 edition contained a letter directing the premier and MPP Ted Arnott to “shut down the province.”  The writer was unequivocal – shut down everything.  It also asserted that the only way the nightmare will end is to expend “every effort and expense to get everyone vaccinated.”

I would urge Ontarians to inform and think for themselves.  One brief example: The International Journal of Infectious Diseases recently published a science editorial entitled Covid-19: A PCR-defined pandemic.  Boring?  Yes – in a way.  Informative and factual?  Absolutely.  Will any of the dogmatists read it?  Not likely.  Please get off Twitter and use the internet for a productive, non-political purpose.

As to shutting the province down, Canadian bankruptcies are already at a five-year high.  The Fraser Institute reported that public sector wages ca. 2019 were about 34% greater than the private sector – where the greatest threat to family security now exists.

Public sector jobs are more secure – in fact, Wellington County non-union staff recently received a pay raise! In contrast, some private sector families have already lost their incomes; in many cases they’re unable to make their mortgage or rent payments.  Some will soon be without property and unable to support their families. In short, they will be destitute and completely at the mercy of the state.

Terence Rothwell,
Wellington North