Prefers warnings

Dear Editor:

RE: Thrift store theft, Jan. 30.

I just about fell off my chair when I read the police report about the person who stole a backpack from the New to You shop and had their mugshot all over Wellington County and, lo and behold, all the way to Barbados.

I am wondering what on Earth propelled you and the police to penalize this person in such a manner Seriously people?!

From someone who clothed myself and two sons at the New to You shop over the past decade, and has  donated gazillions of items as well, I’m appalled that this “incident” was seen as serious enough to warrant attention in your newspaper, and to shame the person responsible like they are a burden to society, a criminal, a top felon on the loose.

Good grief. Compassion anyone?

Surely the shop appeals to people who are at the lower end of the financial spectrum, like myself, although that is hugely debatable I know. And who cares?

When I drop things off as donations, I’m happy to know that they are going to a really good cause, and that the funds are supporting our new hospital.

If someone wanted a backpack so desperately to steal it, and come back to get another older one, auction material or not, I’d like to think that someone would pull them aside and give a warning. Like the old fashioned way. Not allowed back after three times. After five times, maybe a mugshot could be posted in the bathroom for a week.

Many people who suffer from mental illness frequent these thrift type stores, and for good reason. Deals galore, for one, and lots of interesting finds. You would think that the connection would resonate with the new hospital’s mandate for persecuting peeps at their fundraising store.

For you and the police to feel justified in publishing this article and post the mug shot of this person is downright shameful in my books.

So much so that I may just switch my donations and shopping  to the Bibles for Mission store. Also, I’m going to try very hard not to read the police probe highlights anymore.

By the way, Crime Stoppers had no idea what this was about. “No joke!” I said, “Check it out for yourself.” Imagine. Imagine being that person who now has a mugshot in the paper from stealing a backpack at a thrift store. I wonder if it was the one I dropped off last week.

Rachel Bernstein,

Editor’s note: The Advertiser publishes crime reports provided by police. All suspects, identified or not, are innocent until proven guilty.