Prefers solitude

Dear Editor:

RE: Snowmobiles not allowed on GRCA trails after licensing dispute, Dec. 24.

I am quite happy I won’t hear the roar of snowmobiles along the Elora Cataract Trail this year.

I much prefer the solitude of walking the trail without having to dodge the snowmobilers. It was mentioned that people who walk the trail with pets or ride horses will suffer as the trail will not be packed down by snowmobile clubs, and it will be a more difficult walk. I for one, would not walk my dog on the trail in the winter as I had a close call on a bend in the trail when a group of snowmobilers in a heavy snowfall came tearing around at a high speed and did not immediately  see us.

The speed limit signs of 30km/h along the trail are for the most part ignored.

Kirk Bradley,