‘Pet projects’

Dear Editor:

It is with some amusement that I read about the decisions and lack of direction Guelph council takes.

It seems they changed too a ward system from councillor-at-large system, with two councillors per ward that appears to be working quite well. But now because the population is growing in Guelph they are considering going back to “councilors at large” instead of adding more wards.

They are obsessed with building a new library (at a expensive cost and a nightmare under Baker Street parking lot) when they already have six library branches.

Why are they not concentrating on their real priorities, such as a second hospital? With Guelph expected to reach a population of 150,000 within the next five years you would think this should have been on their radar years ago. Have you ever tried to get or even have to pay for parking at Guelph General Hospital, not to mention the hours long wait at emergency?  No wonder why Fergus hospital sees so many emergency cases from Guelph.

I would venture to say many people in Guelph would agree with me; that Guelph council needs to get their priorities right, built a second hospital first, then get on with their pet projects.

Paul Roberts,