Pandemic poem

Dear Editor:

Live as if tomorrow….
If you were old before the COVID
You’ll still be old today.
All attending dangers
Won’t be held at bay.

You’re hearing will be rotten
And your knees will loudly squeak
Your kids will have forgotten that
Once you were at your peak.

You’ll fall and scrape your nose
Or even break a hip
You’ll fart when you are laughing
And won’t even care a bit.

Your spirit will have atrophied
Grown small and very weak
Letting this ugly virus
Turn you pale and meek.

But if you were very certain
That age would not come near
You danced naked in the moonlight
You have nothing now to fear.

A joyful, thankful heart is
What keeps us feeling young
For no fear is there of dying
When our living has just begun.

Joy Lippai,