‘Other motives’?

Dear Editor:

RE: Time for a change, June 16. 

Experience is a great teacher. I learned to question what else is missing when a written document includes a misspelt name. Several important facts are missing, whether by haste or intent.

The editorial promotes a false equivalence to manipulate the context and perception of the Citizen of the Year award. Similarly, beginning a conversation stating it is not personal means it is. This political attack follows the paper’s pattern of supporting certain council members, of which Centre Wellington councillor Neil Dunsmore is not one. 

Community members submitting letters recommending a fellow citizen (unrelated to a political role) they felt positively impacted the community and event organizers organizing the adjudication process do not deserve this attack. Unfortunately, with political muckraking, innocents are caught in the crossfire.

A reasonable approach would involve privately contacting event organizers to discuss concerns. To do so publicly suggests other motives. 

Newspapers should be held to high journalistic integrity, neutrality, and a balanced reporting standard, especially as the local news source. Unfortunately, this is not the case and has not been for some time. 

I agree, the editorial was a poor look.

Ian MacCrae,
Centre Wellington councillor